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Irefe (#80)

Apr 4, 12:45am

Easter Fools Event over!

Thank you for participating, we hope you had fun!

Just some final notes:

-All riddles except one (that will be posted later) have been put out. I did a count and there should a total of 63 overall alerts (including start and finish for all quests, this is including the one not posted yet) for you to find! You have 24 hours to find anything you haven't yet gotten before the riddles will be removed from the site.

-I'll be lax with messages to Mik in the next 24 hours. Please try to include all riddle answers in one message, but if you miss one, you can send another message! After the date rolls over to the 5th, submissions for riddles and trades for extra prizes will no longer be accepted.

-If you're having trouble finding riddles, check the locations noted in the original news post- maybe you forgot to check an area! And don't forget to click on alerts that don't drop anything to activate the ones after that.

-In other news, the Pastel Boxes are openable like normal now (they still explode though, be careful!) and we'll be handing out some more over the next day or so to people who are online at random intervals!

The riddles and alert quests seem to of been fairly popular, so the mod team has been discussing dropping riddled randomly on occasion around the site in the same manner to release mod tokens between events for people. I'll likely put up a thread with the details on this once we hash out the details ourselves!

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Asdracagan (#305)

Apr 1, 3:29pm

Riddles Everywhere and Nothing is Happening :O

We've had a few players alert us that they're getting stuck on a riddle because they're pretty sure they know the answer, but when they go to that page nothing happens. Fear not brave WindRose-ians! Simply click the banner once to "activate" it. This operates the same way as the "The Wishing Tree is Blooming" notification. Hope this helps! :D


((Adding this to hopefully help clear up any confusion ^.^ <3))

So, notifs work in the following manner -

Item Notif: These are like the notifs players are familiar with where a weather or starsign item drop. You don't need to click them, they appear and the item is automatically added to your inventory. They do not need to be clicked to be "activated".

Text Notif: These are like "The Wishing Tree is Blooming!" or news post notifs where you have to click them to make them go away. The first click also "activates" them, so if they are part of a riddle you must click them to have any future notifs linked to these appear.

So if it gives an item, be aware that as soon as you click away from that page you will lose any text. If it doesn't, just click once to "activate" it.

An important note for days to come - both types of notifs can be Linked and thus be part of a chain. ;-)

Looks like the notifs pranked both the mods and the players! :D

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Asdracagan (#305)

Apr 1, 12:00am

New Management!

Attention Players: The Moderators are taking control of the site!

Hey there everyone, and welcome to our April Fool’s event! The Mods have decided to try our hand at running things. >:D We will be pranking players and spicing things up around here, so let the madness begin!

Irefe: Uh, Asdra... I thought this was an Easter event? Or, uh, spring event?

Asdra: Poppycock and bumblefluff! Clearly this event is the mods taking our rightful place as rulers….of mayhem! *cackles*

Irefe: But... We did that shtick like, four? Years ago? Maybe five? I don’t remember, but we’ve done it already. The players already know how this goes, we pretend to take over and yatta yatta and then act like nothing happened once the 2nd hits.

Asdra: Yes, but this time, this time, things will be different! There are twice as many mods now, we clearly outweigh Eli, and we’ve swamped Eli with work on the site, so any resistance will be futile!

Irefe: That’s... Not that different, actually. But anyway, I prepared all these riddles and this nice easter/egg hunt event thing and got everything set up nice for a few day long event and stuff so... Yeah I thought we were doing that?

Asdra: We are epic mods, we can do both ~.^ Besides, never before has the site known the power of a nyan-kitty, a ghost bunny, and a mad dragon! We shall rule the galaxy together….! *cough* I mean, we shall rule WindRose together as one! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

Irefe: Uh, so wait... Are we supposed to be taking over Windrose or all of Easter? Lol. You know, we probably should have discussed the details of this before...

Asdra: It’s good to have goals don’t judge me we can take over everything we want! *cough* Details? Pfffffffffft, who needs details? We always wing events anyways! It’s like life - you plan crap out and then POOF wtf randomness oops wing it. XD

Hana: Hey uh...Y'all okay over here? I just wanted to stop by and make sure you didn't forget about the boxes! We've been hiding and hyping them up for a while now, and I think it's about time we did something with them....?

Asdra: O_O Well, there’s the bunny, so I guess it is an Easter event after all!

Irefe: I mean I guess so, but... Oh, hey Hana. She’s a ghost bunny though, does that still count?

Asdra: Of course it counts! Oh, but wait, that’s a good point. WAIT! That means it’s both holidays in one?! This event was now made for Hana it’s official

Irefe: Ohh, it is perfect! She can be The Ghost of Easter Fools! Done. Both events in one, we’re totally doing this.

Hana: I love easter, and April fools so that's fi- Wait. Guys. Guys the boxes. The pastel giftboxes? What's happening with those? Guys?? THE BOXES WH-

[/end whispering]



The event will run for 4 days! Which means it will end when the date rolls over to the 5th! Users will be granted another 24 hours after that to submit their answers to Mik before the event closes completely.


-Riddles will be placed randomly around the site as pop up banners at the top of the page (you've likely seen them as an alert about a ritual request being completed or a cash shop order being filled, but these will have riddles attached!)

-Riddles can appear on any site page (such as news, TOS or games), the forums (only the forums themselves, not threads), all research and explore pages, mod and admin pages and any custom sprouts.

-SAVE THE RIDDLES YOU FIND! I cannot stress this enough, if you click on the banner or leave the page the riddle will disappear and cannot be gotten back. If you do lose a riddle, you may PM Asdracagan (#305) or Irefe (#80) for help, but you must state the page you found it on or we cannot help you. Also if you have any questions about the riddles themselves, please PM that to us as well, instead of posting them publicly!

-Please do not share the riddle answers or locations you may offer (private!) hints to each other, but do not post anything publicly!

-Most riddles must be found before you can find the answer (for example if the answer is bottled flame, you go to the bottled flame research page after finding the riddle that leads you there, going straight to the bottled flame page will give you nothing) but some require you to PM your answer to Mik (#5). These are clearly marked within the riddles themselves. You may only PM Mik once per day with riddle answers! But you can answer as many or as few of the riddles as you like in that PM so long as you only answer each riddle once. Mik will then send you any prizes you won for correct answers.

-Some riddles... don't have specific answers. These booby riddles are not marked but always require you to pm Mik. These riddles are meant for you to be creative and prizes will be given based on how fun your answer is, so have some fun!

-Some riddles are required before others will show up, and others will give you a new riddle when you find the answer to the last one! Keep an eye out.

-New riddles will be added each day with 8 being posted per day (except for day 4 which has 12!) and another 8 that will be posted randomly throughout the event at 2 per day. This will make a total of 44 alert riddles. Note that only alerts that contain a new riddle are counted in this total (for example if alert A leads to alert B with your prize and ends there this only counts as 1, but if alert A leads to alert B with a prize which leads to alert C with a prize that leads to alert D with a prize and the quest ends there, that would be 3 alerts total with A, B and C all offering a new riddle.) Note that staff cannot see what ones you've found, so you'll have to keep track yourself.

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Asdracagan (#305)

Mar 25, 8:21pm

Mod Shop Update and Easter Boxes!

Be sure to head on over to the >Mod Prize Shop<.

Bad link! No eating my post! :( *pouts*

Anywho, the mod shop got a pretty big overhaul. Please don't mind that not all items, prices, and pics are aligned just yet. It's slow going work, and I thought players would enjoy having the ability to shop more than it looking pretty ;-) I'll be updating the shop formatting to make it easier to read as I have time. :D

Spring is in the air! But what's that that's reproducing everywhere? Boxes? How odd! I wonder what could be in them? ;-) Perhaps an Easter surprise!

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Midori (#1119)

Mar 10, 1:28am


Raffle Results:

1st - #29 - victoria296 (#1562) - Love Bug Rare Seed
2nd - #2 - Kymmie (#24) - Crystal Charm
3rd - #5 - Irefe (#80) - Sator Token
4th - #41 - cloudwilk (-o-) (#1028) - Sprout Token
5th - #18 - Lea (#1095) - Maid Bonnet
6th - #14 - ShastaMoon (#497) - Seed Token
7th - #21 - Pommisaur (#1220) - Nomad’s Haircut
8th - #42 - lonelyVocalist (#2358) - Small Bones
9th - #11 - Kira (#374) - Gem Choker
10th - #40 - Lorelai (#2267) - Vest
11th - #37 - Luna B(#2003) - Witchy Top
12th - #35 - TrashPanda (#1856) - Twee’s Witch Hat
13th - #25 - Sinea (#1330) - Extra Fancy Ruffle
14th - #19 - DragonRose35 (#1156) - Pinecone
15th - #31 - Annalysia (#1654) - Enchanted Ink
16th - #33 - SchattenspielRex(#1746) - Hair Flower
17th - #17 - CacophonyCrowe(#1078) - Asymmetrical Skirt
18th - #3 - Tsuiri (#27) - Guard’s Gauntlet
19th - #38 - LadyRiat (#2128) - Bracelets
20th - #10 - Elleonyx (#327) - Anklet

Everyone else received a pinecone :D

Reminder: The Valentine’s Boutique will close March 11th!

Please Note: If a mod is not around to close it at midnight rollover on March 11th, any orders placed after that will be disregarded.

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