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Asdracagan (#305)

Feb 15, 2019, 6:13pm

Server Transfer is Complete!

The server transfer has been complete! Due to the nature of the transfer, you may notice some blips and hiccups around site, please post here and let us know if anything doesn't seem to be working properly. A few of our infamous glitch haitchi seeds seem to have found their way into peoples inventories during the downtime... ah well, they seem to be harmless.

Some things to note:

Sator images will need manual refreshing just go to your wardrobe and click on the 'update' button on the main page, everything should be saved and your sator should refresh as it was before the transfer.

We've made some changes to explore drop frequency. We'll leave the exact change a surprise, but keep an eye on it and let us know how you feel about the new drop rates and if you find things are dropping too commonly, rarely, etc.!

The upcoming Valentines event should launch on schedule. If anything causes it to be delayed, we'll be certain to let you all know in an announcement.

Some exciting news!

You may have seen some new items popping up around site over the last couple days... we're pleased to announce the release of a whole batch of new items for you all to hunt down! Quite a few have already been added, and there's more to come over the next couple weeks. You'll be able to find these items in explore (over the next couple months, because seasons), the Valentines Event, and in the shops. Happy hunting!

Game Tallying Note:

Firstly, thank you Tally Loves and Game Hosts for helping us out so much with this event! With the server transfer and everything else, it's been a bit hectic ^.^ <3

I do apologize that how to tally was unclear, and there's been some confusion. I'll put out a step by step process below -
1) Whoever is doing the tally, post in the game thread saying "Tallying". This marks your spot, so if players play while you're counting, the next person to tally won't be confused where you stopped.
2) Tally points up to your post
3) Edit your post with points tallied
4) Update the doc with the points tallied (be sure to mark WRT stamp as well :D <3 )

I hope this helps! If there's any confusion please don't hesitate to poke me. <3 <3 <3

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Asdracagan (#305)

Feb 14, 2019, 6:29am

Love Festival Launch

Hello, and welcome to the Love Festival!

This year, the entire town has banded together to celebrate all forms of love, from loving platonic friendships to the exhilarating romances. Other townsfolk have even offered to help run the various celebratory booths and games, and one has even created some new games for everyone to enjoy!

Here you will find a list of links to all the various places you can explore in this event.

-Love Festival Art!

-Kiss a Cutie

-Love Bug Plushie Knitting

-Jar of Hearts

-Finding Flowers

-Flowers of Friendship

-Sappy Love Letters

-Cocoa Conundrum!

-Floret Coronets

-Candy Bag Creation


The Valentine's Shop has returned (after a fashion) and will function the same as last year's. Again, as in the year previous, there will be a Grand Ball at the end of the event, so keep an eye out for it! <3


Footnote: If you happen to come across any hiccups with the site, please post them in the >new errors< thread :D <3

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Asdracagan (#305)

Feb 12, 2019, 1:14am

Upcoming Site Downtime

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update that the site is expected to be down from 10am EST until an unknown time tomorrow afternoon (hopefully it will return before the evening) while I transfer the site from Eli's server to my own. This is my first time doing something like this, so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly and without issue, but you never know. ^.^;

I will be posting updates on the transfer's progress in the WindRose Official Discord as things progress. If you have any questions during site downtime, please feel free to contact me on Discord (Asdracagan #6591). Thank you all for your understanding. :D

Please note, during last server transfer there was an issue with the forums. If you have any formatting (for shops) or info you do not want to lose in the forums, it is probably a wise idea to copy/paste these somewhere just in case server transfer eats them again. O.o

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Elyneara (-o-) (#1)

Feb 2, 2019, 8:42pm

WindRose Moving Forward

Way back in 2011 I launched WindRose. I had a part time job with a map company and was teaching myself how to program in my spare time. WindRose was intended to be a launching point for me, a place where I could learn to program, get better at drawing and learn about the administrative and business side of everything as well. I never could have imagined what a success that would be. People played my silly game and liked my art enough to even pay me to draw! It was wild and awesome.

Over the past few years I started to hit a few walls. The first one, honestly, was my anxiety. I have pretty bad social anxiety and that butted up against the administrative needs of the site. Small issues ballooned out of what I could handle really fast. Way faster than I think a neurotypical person would experience. This also happened outside of WindRose, in my personal and work life. I am refocusing on making sure I am a happy person first, and a good content creator second.

The second wall was in my artistic growth. Lately, over the past year or so, I looked at the things I want to make, the ways I want to grow artistically. I tried to fit those things into something that would work on WindRose. But… after a while I realized a lot of what I wanted to make was incompatible with the core elements of WindRose. I didn't want to undermine the site because it is special to a lot of people besides me.

I love this site dearly. For a long time I wanted to hang onto WindRose really closely, because it's my baby and I have put so much love and effort into making it fun and interesting and unique. About 6 months ago I realized that the site can't flourish if I'm not putting both my most creative ideas and honest drive to do what's best for WindRose into it. And those two thing became incompatible.

So I talked it over with the staff and heard a lot of different excellent offers and ideas. Ultimately, I decided to sell the site to Asdracagan (#305). She has shown over the years both genuine interest in making the site fun and wonderful, and a motivation to create new and interesting elements to the site that reminded me so much of myself when I started.

So I would like to formally announce that I am stepping down as site admin, and Asdracagan will be taking over in my stead. We worked out an agreement of sale and it went into effect yesterday, February first. I am no longer going to manage the site, or be the site artist or programmer.

What does this mean for the site?

Well first of all, I'm not leaving you in the dust and WindRose is not going anywhere :) I'm going to be transferring administrative power over to Asdracagan and teaching her about the site's internal structure, and how I handle stuff. I'm going to be on call for any problems and emergencies as well. We are going to transfer the site to a new host this month, so there may be some small downtime during that process. Asdracagan has also said I am welcome any time to do site art or other stuff if my creative spark aligns with WindRose again. So you may see me back to work on more customs, rares, or what have you. I'm going to keep my account and I am going to be in and out as much as I always was (which is rarely :3 I am a lurker at heart).

My hope is that with a new owner, with so many brilliant ideas, and excitement for making the site awesome, WindRose can really come into its own and flourish.

If you're interested in what I'm going to be up to, I'm going to be exploring a lot of different creative avenues to see what works best for me! I have a lot of work spread all over the internet. I'll try to sum up as best as I can for those interested, but if you're not, feel free to skip this and head to the end of this post.

I am launching which is going to be a personal gallery for art, writing, programming, RPG supplementals and generally what I am up to. My goal is to have all my stuff less spread out, and more central to avoid long messy explanations like this one right here :P

Right now I have some commission info up there for DnD characters. I am going to be expanding on that in the coming weeks. I have so many creative ideas and for a little while I'm gonna go in a million different directions with all the pent up creative ideas I have had.

While I work on getting that set up;

I'm on Twitter! so you can keep up with the latest stuff I'm up to.

I have a ko-fi! This is currently the best hub to commission me or read my writing while BriarLantern is getting set up. Everything is up for free right now, there's no paywall. I have some stories and some RPG tables up there right now. Also the first video in a letsplay series I'm doing.

I draw every Friday on Twitch and sometimes play games too.

I upload my speedpaints here, after I draw them live on twitch.

I'm on tumblr. tumblr is kind of falling out of use for me but you can still see a lot of my stuff here.

And if you prefer discord you can come chill with me in my personal discord;

Please feel free to keep in contact with me ♥

This community has always been one of the coolest environments on the internet. Everyone here is so kind-hearted and friendly and I can't figure out how to express how happy I am to have a part in making that happen. Ultimately, the best part of WindRose is the community and no matter where I go, I know that will stay true. You all have been there while I grew up and learned so much, and you all let me experiment with style and content in a way that was so integral to me becoming who I am. I will always hold that close to my heart.

I love you all so much. Thank you.

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Asdracagan (#305)

Jan 22, 2019, 12:27pm

Upcoming Valentine Festival

Love Festival - Recruitment

Just as the year before, with the passing of the Winter Solstice the town square becomes remarkably busy once again. But this time the Peacekeepers seem far more overwhelmed, and soon posters appear on the board in the square, requesting the aid of their fellow townsfolk. It would seem that the pressure to make it just as grand as last year is a bit overwhelming to them, and they want to share the fun of hosting games with others!

The event will run from Feb 14th - Feb 24th

The poster goes on to show the positions being requested and their rewards -

Game Host -
Game Hosts will be in charge of running the game, and may choose from either an existing game from last year or to create one of their own. If a new game is made, it must first be submitted to a Peacekeeper and approved. Game Hosts will be in charge of creating the thread for the game, as well as listing out the explanation and details of how the game works and answering any questions about it (if running an existing game, a Peacekeeper can send you what was posted last year). A Game Host will be responsible for tallying points for their game at least once per day, as well as letting a Peacekeeper know if anything goes amiss in the game. Game Hosts must have a sator to run the game (either their cast sator or an alkin), and may sign up to host as many games as they wish. Peacekeepers will determine point amounts for the games after volunteer signup has closed. Games will have a limit of times per day players can play them as opposed to point caps. Please be aware Game Hosts will be expected to be online to tally points for their game once a day for the 10 days of the event.

Rewards -
Game Hosts will receive an extra free pick from the Grand Prize tier of the Shop per game they host in addition to a special sticker.

Tally Loves -
Tally Loves will be going from game to game and tallying points for that game. When they go to count, they will post in the thread to mark where they are tallying to, update the points doc, and then edit their post to say points have been tallied. Tally Loves will be expected to tally points for at least 3 games at least once per day for the duration of the event. They are also eligible to earn bonus points for tallying more than that! Tally Loves must wait to tally any game until at least 5 players have posted since the last tally for that game. Please be aware Tally Loves will be expected to be online to tally points for 3 games once a day for the 10 days of the event.

Rewards -
Tally Loves will receive an extra free pick from both the Grand Prize tier and the Mid Tier of the Shop in addition to a special sticker.
For each game time they make an additional tally (either another tally for same game or tallying for another game) they will earn additional points!

Players may volunteer to be both Game Hosts and Tally Loves, but please be mindful of requirements for each position.

List of Existing Games:
((Not all of these games will make an appearance unless a Game Host volunteers to host them. Moderators may run any unchosen ones, but that will be at their availability and discretion.))

-SRP Dance Practice
-Sappy Love Letters - Claimed by Drosera (#1108)
-Forum Game Dance Practice
-Bouquet Bliss
-Finding Flowers - Claimed by Sinea (#1330)
-Flowers of Friendship - Claimed by Harvester of Light (#2382)
-Jar of Hearts - Claimed by Luna B (#2003)
-Love Bug Plushie Knitting - Claimed by Blueberry (#1911)
-Cocoa Conundrum - Claimed by Thorn (#947)
-Candy Bag Creation - Claimed by Lorelai (#2267)
-Floret Coronets - Claimed by Lorelai (#2267)
-Kiss a Cutie - Claimed by Lorelai (#2267)

List of Tally Loves:
-Red Squirrel (#1057)
-Lea (#1095)
-Erythro (#2898)
-Lorelai (#2267)
-Drosera (#1108)

Volunteer Signups will be open until February 1st!

Note -
Because it was a good question - If a Game Host does not tally their game for 48 hours, the game will be closed and players will no longer be able to play it (but it will be tallied up to time it closed and players will still get the points they earned). If a Game Host's game is closed, they will not receive the reward for running a booth.

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