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Irefe (#80)

Jan 23, 2020, 6:17am

Winter Solstice Launch!

Welcome to the Winter Solstice!

The sound of bells jingle through the town, signaling the start of the Winter Solstice celebrations! The brightly colored decorations and lit candles stand out against the snowy landscape as the Sators bustle about, hiding candles and submitting their riddles to the Peacekeepers.

Though winter is bitter and the land can seem desolate, the soft glow of the candles and excitement of the games to celebrate the Moon Goddess bring joy and fun to the little settlement, giving warmth to the long, cold winter nights as the townsfolk wait for the spring.

Event Updates:

Though it’s a bit late, we have some exciting new items for you all and we’ve had some rather large changes to the event this time, so we hope you’re all looking forward to what’s in store!

Most notably, the following has changed:
-Candles now refresh daily instead of hourly. Every user gets 200 candles per 24 hours (refreshing at midnight WRT) that can be done at any time during that time block. At rollover the candles reset to 200 regardless of how many you have remaining (so if you have 68 candles left to do at rollover, you will NOT have 268 candles after rollover, only 200). So make sure to get your clicks in! **NOTE** As of right now, upon starting you only get 10 candles, this will be changed to 200 as soon as Complex wakes up and is able to fix it, our apologies for the inconvenience! It should be fixed in about 6-7 hours and in the meantime you're free to use the starting 10 candles.

-Snowflakes now melt after 1 hour. You have a full hour to collect the set, good luck!

-Daily point caps have been updated. Snowflakes caps at 200 points/day with 50 points per completed game and Tealights now caps at 100 points/day.

All updates and additional information can be found in the ‘About Solstice’ page! We hope you enjoy these updates and please let us know if you have any other suggestions for future events!

The Special Prize...

You may have noticed an item in the raffle labeled "Special Prize". This special prize is a custom given to the winning team of the solstice (the team that winds the most rounds of 1k lit/unlit candles).

Please keep in mind:

-The custom is only awarded to one user on the winning team.

-The custom can be any breed but Nephrochi or Bettafly.

-The custom will be up to 5 markings and no mutations.

-The custom will be done by SchattenspielRex (# 1746)

-The winner should PM Rex with details for their custom upon winning!

And many thanks to our great artists!

Peppermint Seed/Peppermint Royalty Rare - Elyneara (-o-) (# 1) (Rare Art), SchattenspielRex (# 1746) (on base, seed, sator)

Herbal Tea Item, MoonFox Tooth Item, Phoenix Tailfeather Item, Blue Wax Item, Orange Wax Item - SchattenspielRex (# 1746)

Crystalline Wings - comic sans (# 1801)

Cozy Clothing "Collection" (all of those) - comic sans (# 1801)

Starlit Reed/Starlit Scroll Rare - comic sans (# 1801) (Rare art), Hana-tan (# 264) (On-base art, sator), SchattenspielRex (# 1746) (Item art)

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complexQuanta (#2405)

Jan 20, 2020, 1:52pm

Sprout Gender Discussion

I really appreciate everyone's feedback on the issue of Trans* sprouts. I heard from a lot of people who had strong personal feelings that "Trans*" was inappropriate as a gender choice, and didn't hear from anyone who said that it was important to them or that they viewed it as positive representation for themselves. As such, I've retired the "Trans*" gender for all future sprouts and rituals. I've contacted the holders of the current Trans* sprouts to offer them a free gender change, but won't change any existing sprouts without their owner's permission.

Thank you all for keeping this discussion so constructive and positive.

I want you to know that I hear the request for other breeds of sprouts to have chances to generate as NB or Neutrois. I certainly agree that this should be possible, but I'll have to think about the best way to include it in the current code, what the probabilities should be, etc., so it may not occur right away.

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SchattenspielRex (#1746)

Jan 19, 2020, 10:46pm

Upcoming Winter Solstice Update

Hello WindRose!
This is a quick update on the upcoming solstice event. We now have almost all done that's needed, minus a few details, so we can give you all a set start date!
The event will launch around rollover to this Thursday, the 23rd of January, and will run for a full week from then.
Another newspost will be posted when the event launches!
I hope you will all enjoy what changes we've made!

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complexQuanta (#2405)

Jan 19, 2020, 4:13pm

Reset emails not working

It's come to my attention that gmail (and probably many other hosts) are blocking all of WindRose's emails as spam, since the server move. (Not just putting them in the spam folder, but literally blocking them.) I'm working on this, which has involved learning a lot, but we're also stuck waiting for our hosting company to change some settings, so it may be several days before it can be fixed.

In the meantime, if you need your PIN or password reset, you will need to contact me in some other way. I'm very sorry about this. I'm available via site PM, via (my username) at gmail, via Discord at ghostyTrollcrow#5123, and on the site Discord. If worst comes to worst, you can make a temporary second account and PM me from it.

My apologies for all of this. And if anyone does happen to have experience with getting Amazon EC2 to implement a reverse DNS lookup record, or using PHP to implement email signing, I'd be glad to throw some sator potions your way for a consultation. (Though I *think* I've got it sorted out now.)

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Jan 17, 2020, 4:59pm

Love is in the air!

  Getting ready for the Love Festival

The village square has been exceptionally busy lately, and while most of the Peacekeepers are scrambling to prepare for the upcoming Winter Solstice celebration, a few of the others are getting prepared for even further celebrations!

Your humble admins and event moderators are busy toiling away at bringing you another fun Love Festival this year! For our newer players who may be unfamiliar with this event, the Love Festival is a moderator-run event taking place in February, themed around love and friendship.
During this event, mods and players can run game booths, at which users can play and earn points. These points can then be turned in for some really nice items, some of which may be event exclusive!

Players can also sign up to create and/or run game booths, or to help tally points earned at these booths. With that in mind, we want to make sure to give anyone who is interested plenty of time to plan a booth! So we decided to post this small notice so you guys can start planning~

We are not currently accepting any sign ups for booths or tally loves yet. However, feel free to post here with any questions you have.


To help inspire booth ideas, in the post below we have a list of some past games for you guys to look over.
Once sign ups are open, these games will be free to be claimed if anyone wants to run them, but we would also love to see what kind of new games everyone can come up with!

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