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Kira (#374)

Sep 26, 2020, 2:15am

The Final Thread

The Final Thread

The curtains have been closed and the lights have been dimmed. Now that the last part of the fashion festival is over, people have started to go home. But what's this? Kira walked on stage, waving for some attention.

Hello everyone! I have some last minute announcements before you all go home! First off, thank you everyone who joined in on the catwalk! We’ve prepared a special prize for all of you - by now you should have all received a Clothing box for joining us up here and showing off your stuff!"

The peacekeeper stopped to pull out a piece of paper.

Next off, the raffle!! Here is the list of all of you who joined in on the raffle. Sadly only fifteen of you were able to win. Those winners are!"

1.) Dirkle (#2360) - Clothes Box
2.) Kymmie (#24) - Sator Potion
3.) Bro (#3377) - Messy Spikes
4.) bratchic (#2467) - Rainbow Locks
5.) Lorelai (#2267) - Cutie Pigtails
6.) stolas (#1300) - Hair of the Old Way
7.) dawnfire (#2250) - Windswept Locks
8.) WickedBunnie (#3168) - Styled Curls
9.) Sinea (#1330) - Extravagant Locks
10.) Red Squirrel (#1057) - Flowing Locks
11.) HailStorm (#68) - Ruffled Flop
12.) Luna B (#2003) - Scientist's Hair
13.) alisonlatres (#3061) - Messy Ponytail
14.) lonelyVocalist (#2358) - Wild Hair
15.) Kaede (#1366) - Big Bangs

Your prizes should be on their way to you now! We also have a reminder that a few of our newer items and clothing have been rumoured to be found outside of the event. Some of the clothing items will be making their way into their perspective shops, and I heard someone say we might be picking scraps of fabric for a howl thanks to a group of troublesome sprouts. These changes might take a little while to show up though. First we need to clean up from the event.

Last but not least! Thank you everyone who joined us in having fun during this event. It was great seeing everyone playing games. I hope that you all had fun! If you have any feedback or suggestions we will be happy to listen to those here! I hope to see you during our next event!

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Kira (#374)

Sep 25, 2020, 11:17am

Event Shop Closing

Shop Closing!

This is a reminder that the Shop will be closing at rollover from September 25th! Be sure to get your orders in by rollover! Any leftover points will be converted to Mod Tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

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Lea (#1095)

Sep 23, 2020, 11:34pm

Results and Reminders

Artistic Apparel Results

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the art and writing portion of the event! It was so much fun to see everyone's creativity and unique outfits! Although, there was one we couldn't really see, and we're still not sure if our inability to see clothes on one of the art entries means we're not suited to our jobs - we hear that's the case for some mysterious magic fabric fit for an Emperor, and we assume the outfit was made from that!

For entries we could see, we'd like to give a shout out to Dirkle's written entries and the effort in making such a delightful, long entry! It made us really happy to see everyone enjoying this part of the event so much.
Additionally, everyone who submitted something for the written portion has received a point toward the Moderator Writing Event sticker.

The art portion had some amazing designs for clothes, which left us wishing our sators could wear them! There's a possibility some may be chosen to become on-site clothing for real! This would depend on site artist availability and inspiration. For any art being considered for transformation to on-site clothing, the original artist making the entry would be contacted for permission before any clothing items were made.

With that, all points should be up to date in the Shop Sheet. Remember to spend any remaining points in the Outfit Outlet before it closes! The last day you can place orders is Friday, September 25th, so be sure to get any shop orders in before rollover that day!

The Catwalk is still open until rollover on Friday, September 25th as well, so there's still time to enter and take a walk across the stage and show off your wonderful outfits! Some of the explore team have even been seen taking taking a turn to show off some fun fashion!
Every participant in the catwalk will get a clothes box after the event ends. Hope to see you all there!

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Lea (#1095)

Sep 19, 2020, 12:00am

Wrapping up the Event

Fashionable Finale!

Thanks to everyone's efforts, Virva's fashion event was a smashing success! Even sprouts got to have fun... though they mostly ate their outfits at the end. It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone dress up and show off their creativity!

Make sure to spend your hard-earned points in the Outfit Outlet!
The event shop will remain open through September 25th until rollover to the 26th.
Once the shop closes, any remaining points will be converted to Mod Tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

Don't forget to enter the Catwalk Fashion Show, which is open for entries until September 25th as well!
Everyone who enters will recieve a Clothes Box for participating~

Over the next day the mods will be wrapping up final point tallies and updating the spreadsheet. Your patience during this time is appreciated.
We hope everyone had a fantastic time! Please feel free to leave any feedback on the event in the comments here.

But what's this? It seems that, although the fashionable festivities are being wrapped up, the admins aren't quite done yet and appear to have something else up their sleeves.... what could they have planned in the coming weeks??

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SchattenspielRex (#1746)

Sep 18, 2020, 6:54am

Cash Slots OPEN 09/18/20

Here is what's available!

1 customs - SOLD
4 crossbreeds - SOLD
5 breedchanges - 2 Left!

The list will be updated as soon as we can to reflect what's left and what isn't, please keep in mind we might not always be quick to do so depending on how fast or slow orders come in and real-life factors!

Thank you for supporting WindRose!

If you encounter any errors or have questions when purchasing, please contact me, complexQuanta, or post in this thread!

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