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Irefe (#80)

Jan 18, 8:51pm

Solstice GIFTboxes

So these little suckers... Are very broken. To a coding level that the mod staff cannot fix on their own.

They weren't originally intended to be released for the event but were an accidental oversight (because the prize boxes are similar in name, so it got overlooked, whoops!)

Anyone who has one, please post here and start a trade with Mik (#5) with the box(es) and you will be given Solstice PRIZE boxes instead, as was intended to be given out!

If you already opened yours and got a weird old clothing item you don't want, please do the same as above. This is only offered for old clothing items/items that are not usable in the current game. I know the boxes give out some dice and other items because of some testing, you're free to keep those.

Sorry for the mix up guys! :D;

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Irefe (#80)

Jan 18, 4:31am

End of the Solstice

The Winter Solstice 2018/19 has Concluded!

Congratulations to the MOON TEAM with a total of 30 wins!
Second place is the Sun team, with 26 wins!

Raffle prizes should have been handed out- go to the prize page to collect it, you should see the item you received displayed at the bottom of the prizes page, but it will only display once, the first time you go to this page.

For the winner of the raffle custom: Contact SchattenspielRex (# 1746) with your custom description! You are eligible to choose any breed except for Bettafly or Nephrochi and up to 5 markings (no mutations) for your new custom!

Please report any bugs in this thread! And the team will get to righting it as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you all enjoyed the event, see you at the Summer Solstice!

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Asdracagan (#305)

Jan 7, 3:05am

Winter Solstice is Live~

Welcome to Winter Solstice 2018?!

Well, it's a little late, but the team sure hopes it'll be worth it! There's quite a few new rares and items out there. Hopefully everyone snags one and has fun! :D

Please post here with any bugs :O We tried to test quickly to get the event released, so hopefully there aren't any hiccups. ^.^;

Custom Ticket:
Please note - this event's custom ticket will be filled by our own ShattenspielRex (#1746)~! A huge thank you for this! <3


Solstice will end January 17th at midnight WRT
((So as the site transitions from the 17th to the 18th WindRose Time))

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Asdracagan (#305)

Nov 14, 9:00pm

And so the Festival comes to a close~

Alas, it is time to pack up the decorations and the baking until our next celebration. Although I don't think anyone would miss Kevin's recipe! ((C'mon guys, eating straight wheat isn't a recipe...))

I see that the stickers are behaving oddly again. I think they're rather enjoying these practical jokes! The rares seem to be misbehaving as well. While I know Eli is still quite busy, I'm hoping these issues will be resolved (at least before next festival!) and apologize for such a delay. Everyone has been so understanding and it's great to see so many players having fun! If stickers are still being silly next week, I may just award them manually. If I do, I will post here so if I miss anyone you can poke me lol.

Thank you everyone for joining in the fun!

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Asdracagan (#305)

Nov 5, 9:01pm

Harvest Festival Has Begun!

Welcome to the 2018 Harvest Festival!

Since the event has been launched fashionably late, you'll notice a few extra treats. ~.^ A huge shoutout and thank you to SchattenspielRex and Comic Snas for all their help with the new items!

Remember to check your sprout's ID before putting them in the potluck!
Every year, sprouts accidentally end up scurrying off to search for new owners when their current owners didn't actually want them leaving. XD Please be extra careful this year as Eli has a lot on her plate and can't guarantee having time to retrieve such recalcitrant sprouts. ~.^

Otherwise, enjoy! :D <3

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