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Irefe (#80)

Aug 21, 5:40am

Blossom Fest and CYoA Ending Soon!

The Blossom Festival and the CYoA: Into the Unknown will be coming to an end in just a few short days! Rollover to the 24th is when everything will be roughly ending (technically the CYoA will have it's closing posts done around 3 am WR time, same as the scene rollover has been happening until this point and the Blossom Fest will end as soon as Eli has time to end it around the 24th/25th).

Important things to note:

-The CYoA shop will remain open until the 29th. Any unspent points after rollover to the 29th will be turned into mod tickets. Extra picks for posting every day will be awarded before the shop closes and will be announced in a new news post.
--The exception to this is the R/A raffle, which will be run after the shop closes and any tickets that do not win will be returned, along with the points, and the players will have a couple days to have a chance a spending these points on something else.

-Groups will be permitted to continue to reply/respond to the rp threads for the time being after the final ending is posted, allowing the sators a chance to wrap up anything that was going on and react to the finale, but no more points will be awarded (also for those going for the prize for posting every day, once the final ending is posted you no longer need to continue to post daily).


We hope you all enjoyed the event thus far and will continue to enjoy the last few days as we wrap everything up! Stay tuned for the ending, and if you want to grab a few more points before the end, now's your chance!

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Irefe (#80)

Aug 6, 11:27pm

Small CYoA Event Update

CYoA Rollover Time Update

Due to the mods having conflicting real life schedules with site rollover time, the rollover time for the event is going to be pushed to another time of day- the event threads WILL rollover tonight, but the exact time is to be determined (I'll edit this post once the exact time has been decided and discussed among the mod team, along with any other info). In the meantime, feel free to continue replying to your threads as you would before rollover time.

EDIT: It looks like we're going to aim for 3-3:30 am WR time for rollover in threads from here on out. Hopefully this time works out for us a little better!

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Irefe (#80)

Aug 3, 7:48pm

The Blossom Festival

So, in the hype for the CYoA the Blossom fest announcements got a little overlooked, I just wanted to clarify a few things for everyone and figured a new news announcement would be best! See the previous news announcement for the CYoA info.

• The community quest for the blossom fest is a little broken. We don't have anything to unlock this year so it was ignored, but you can still donate to it and you do still get points for doing so, however I think it may be stuck on glowing petals and not changing? If that's the case let me know and we'll try and fix it.

• Some of the Morality Challenges might not be working properly, all of them did not get a chance to get completely tested, so if you notice any problems with them, post here and let us know and if it's urgent we'll try and fix it. Some (like Virva's quest saying it gives one of her 'new pieces' but does not) are just aesthetic and not on the high priority list but stuff like answers being swapped or the MCs giving out prizes they probably shouldn't (like rares) are things that need to be brought to our attention ASAP.

• It was brought to my attention that the point counts were a little screwy and I had someone help me with the math (thanks Panda XD) and we upped the petal point give out to 3 points per petal placed instead of 1. This may need farther adjustment, but remember that this event runs for 3 weeks alongside the CYoA. The goal was for average play time to allow players to reach 6k points before the event end, but some things (like the community quest not working properly) were not taken into account, so depending on what happens with the community quest we may remove that as a point option and farther up the points given out for placing petals. We'll see how it goes, if anyone wants to offer advice/opinions on what to do here, feel free.

I think that's all for now, enjoy the events guys!

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Irefe (#80)

Aug 3, 4:13am

Into the Unknown CYoA Event and Blossom Fest are Live!

Welcome to the second CYoA Event! Into the Unknown.

We promise, we did look over the suggestions from the last CYoA and did our best to apply them. However we are only human and can only do so much, so hopefully running the Blossom Festival alongside the rp event will give everyone something fun! :D

Uh, this may have been posted a FEW hours late, Irefe apologizes she was too excited about playing her sators to remember to make a news post;;;

If you've signed up for the CYoA event, check the >Special Events Forum< to find your group and set off!

See the >Rules and Information post in the special events forum for a collection of all the important info and rules for the CYoA portion of the event.

For the blossom festival info, check the usual site event page through the link in top left corner of the site with the cute lil flower.

If you've already read the rules and info post in the special events forum, read this anyway! It's got some extra stuff added that isn't posted there.


• The CYoA and Blossom are running alongside each other, but are not intertwined. Points for one will not earn points towards the other. They are separate prize pools and events.

• Anyone who posts every day of the event (in the main event threads or Arabell and Vespa's chat thread) will get a free pick from the high prize tier! (It will cost no points, nor will it use up one of your picks).

• The CYoA will not use nor effect any aspect of the SRP system in any way, shape, or form. If you have an active SRP quest, those sators may participate in the CYoA!

• If you feel a little lost as to what's considered canon, check out the >SRP Information Forum<.

• Useful links for checking lore and what's possible in canon -
       * >The Comprehensive Lore Guide of WindRose<
       * >SRP - Canon Yes/No Questions<
       * >SRP - Spells<
       * >SRP - Skills<
       * >SRP - Alchemy Brews<

• NOTE: The Old Satchel has been updated with new and fun prizes! Including the old (and new!) Neph rares and new clothing items, so grab some if you can!

• If you're looking for the more casual rp thread to earn yourself some points, see >here<. Remember! If you are participating in the main CYoA event, you cannot post here, this is for casual players only as a way to earn some points for those that did not have time or the means to join the main event.

CYoA Rules:

There is no posting order. - This is to prevent latency in threads and allow more active players to continue to be active without necessarily waiting for a reply.

You cannot make someone else's character do something. - For example, if you are in a group with Alice, you cannot say "I push Alice off a ledge and laugh as she screams and flails as she falls." You could say "I push Alice off a ledge", but you cannot dictate what that character does in reaction, if she says anything, nor if you succeed. ((Side Note: Please do not push fellow players off ledges D: It's only an example!))

Canon will be less strict for this event. - This event does happen as part of the canon storyline, but because canon can be restrictive we won't be 'cracking down' on anyone for not following it, unless it's excessively ignored (as in your character gathers scrap metal to make a gun and uses it as a shooting weapon). Think Renaissance era, not post-apocalyptic zombie things.

>Document< to monitor points. - Mods will update this as often as we can and post in individual RP threads to note we've tallied up to there. These posts will appear as just ((Tallied to here)) sort of posts in the threads.

Follow Existing Rules. - Don't cuss at each other, even 'in character', play nice, and don't violate any existing forum or ToS rules.

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Irefe (#80)

Jul 30, 8:20pm

CYoA Signups Soft-Closed!

CYoA Signups Soft-Closed!

• As stated in the last news post, the CYoA event sign ups are now closed as of this news post. You may still send in an application up until the 2nd but you no longer have a choice of group preferences and will be dropped into an open slot wherever we can fit you.
• The event will begin on August 3rd when the date rolls over, and will end on August 24th. However, keep an eye on the >Special Events forum up until the start date, as we'll be posting chat threads for the teams, rules, info and the beginning of the story before the official start date! This way everyone has a chance to get acquainted with things before we start.

I think that's everything for now! Stay tuned for the start of the event and in the meantime, feel free to ask any questions here. Happy Exploring!

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