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Midori (#1119)

Mar 10, 1:28am


Raffle Results:

1st - #29 - victoria296 (#1562) - Love Bug Rare Seed
2nd - #2 - Kymmie (#24) - Crystal Charm
3rd - #5 - Irefe (#80) - Sator Token
4th - #41 - cloudwilk (-o-) (#1028) - Sprout Token
5th - #18 - Lea (#1095) - Maid Bonnet
6th - #14 - ShastaMoon (#497) - Seed Token
7th - #21 - Pommisaur (#1220) - Nomad’s Haircut
8th - #42 - lonelyVocalist (#2358) - Small Bones
9th - #11 - Kira (#374) - Gem Choker
10th - #40 - Lorelai (#2267) - Vest
11th - #37 - Luna B(#2003) - Witchy Top
12th - #35 - TrashPanda (#1856) - Twee’s Witch Hat
13th - #25 - Sinea (#1330) - Extra Fancy Ruffle
14th - #19 - DragonRose35 (#1156) - Pinecone
15th - #31 - Annalysia (#1654) - Enchanted Ink
16th - #33 - SchattenspielRex(#1746) - Hair Flower
17th - #17 - CacophonyCrowe(#1078) - Asymmetrical Skirt
18th - #3 - Tsuiri (#27) - Guard’s Gauntlet
19th - #38 - LadyRiat (#2128) - Bracelets
20th - #10 - Elleonyx (#327) - Anklet

Everyone else received a pinecone :D

Reminder: The Valentine’s Boutique will close March 11th!

Please Note: If a mod is not around to close it at midnight rollover on March 11th, any orders placed after that will be disregarded.

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Elyneara (-o-) (#1)

Mar 2, 2:06pm

New Rares for Spring!

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Asdracagan (#305)

Mar 1, 2:03am

Valentine's Festival Event End

End of the Valentine's Love Event!

Thank you all for participating in Windrose's Valentine's Love Event! It's been a long month, and it's now over! We had a great turn out and we hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Please note the following announcements!

The general event tallies should be done and updated to your scores within 24 hours. Please don't worry if it's a little delayed, we have a lot to clean up, so just be patient!

The Event shop will close on March 11th so be sure to spend your points before then, any left over points will be turned into mod tickets.

!IMPORTANT! Everyone who participated in the event has received a free raffle ticket (please go here and post your raffle preferences within the next week or you will be skipped for any prize you might receive) you will also be receiving, if you participated in the event one of the new Centifi plush sator clothing items, which was drawn by our very own awesome Comic Snas (#1801).

The Valentine's art thread will be judged within the next few days and points will be awarded then. Keep an eye out for a mod post in the thread to know once that's been completed. The mod's pick images for extra prizes may take longer to be done, but will not contain points, only an item reward (the results of that will also be posted in the thread!).

Some extra prizes may be given out! The mods have been discussing giving out some extra, special prizes for certain milestones or extra criteria from certain games, so if you receive something as a surprise, that is likely what it's from! Feel free to contact a mod and ask why you got the item if you're curious. These may not be given out for a little while, but will likely not be longer than 1-2 weeks.

The RP Interaction thread will be left open. You will no longer get points from it, but feel free to wrap up with your sators if you like, and continue to rp there if you wish!

Congratulations to the Grand Ball and Friendship Dance Winners!

The winners are as follows:

Grand Ball:

1st place: Luna B (-o-) (#2003)

2nd place: Kymmie (#24)

3rd place: Asdracagan (#305) | Irefe (#80) | Elleonyx (#327) (wow! A 3 way tie!)

Friendship Ball:

1st place: Lorelai (#2267) & lonelyVocalist (#2358)

2nd place: Luna B (-o-) (#2003) & Elleonyx (#327)

3rd place: Irefe (#80) & CacophonyCrowe(#1078)

SRP Grand Ball:

1st place: Kaede (-o-) (#1366)

2nd place: Asdracagan (#305) & Irefe (#80)

3rd place: Cloud Wilk (#1028)

SRP Friendship Ball:

1st place: Asdracagan (#305) & Irefe (#80)

2nd place: Meesh (#21) & Lorelai (#2267)

3rd place: Cloud Wilk (#1028) & Kaede (-o-) (#1366)

Congratulations to all of you! You prizes will be awarded soon! (for those of you who won first place, please post in the Boutique shop with your extra free grand tier pick! Make sure to clearly state it's your prize pick!) We have also decided to add +20 love boxes to all second place and +10 love boxes to all third place prizes for the balls!

Also a special thanks to ABlankMask (#99) for making the adorable, awesome rare for the event!

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Irefe (#80)

Feb 21, 12:19am

Last Week of Valentine's Event!

The last week of the event is upon us... Which means we have a fun surprise for you all!

The following games have had the noted changes:

Love Bug Plushie Knitting: All scores and point cap doubled!
Finding Flowers: All scores and point cap doubled!
Bouquet Bliss: All scores and point cap doubled! Bonus: The Bonus points for the Variety and Royal Bouquet's have doubled and no longer count towards your daily cap! (Note; the bonus for the Grand Ball Bouquet remains the same.)
Sappy Love Letters: All scores and point cap doubled!
RP Interaction: All scores and point cap doubled!
Cocoa Conundrum: You may now roll twice per day under the same rules as previously!

Additionally, the time for the Valentine's Dances is nearly upon us! This will effect the following threads -

Dance Practice and SRP Dance Practice will close February 25th at midnight rollover WRT.

The following threads will open February 25th at midnight rollover WRT (when the date rolls to the 26th):
Grand Ball
Friendship Ball
SRP Grand Ball
SRP Friendship Ball

**Please remember for the dances:**
-For the Grand Ball and Friendship Ball, you must have participated at least once in the Dance Practice thread.
-For the SRP Grand Ball and SRP Friendship Ball, you must have at least a level 1 Dance skill.
-For the Friendship Ball and SRP Friendship Ball you must declare your partner in your post.
-For all dances you may only enter one sator
-For all dances you may only win one or the other. You may participate in both, and if you win both you will automatically forfeit the Grand Ball win, meaning you will automatically win the Friendship Ball with your partner.
-These rules (and the rest) are in the individual threads. :D

Now go get all those points, happy eventing everyone!

!REMINDER! The event will end March 1st at roughly 12 midnight WRT (when the day rolls over to the 1st)! And don't forget: The dances open at rollover to the 26th, good luck!

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Irefe (#80)

Feb 14, 12:06am


Yikes! It seems like someone is having a hard time in the kitchen with the cocoa demand for the event... Why don't you head on over to Cocoa Conundrum (← click for new minigame!) and help him out? You'll net yourself some points as well, or so I hear! ;)

Hint: For those of you running low on points, keep your schedule open for the last week of the event! A little birdie told me there will be some fun surprises to help you earn more points to reach your goals!

Reminder! The event will end March 1st at roughly 12 midnight WRT (when the day rolls over to the 1st)!

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