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Kira (#374)

Mar 16, 2020, 5:02am

Shop Closed

Shop closed!

Hello everyone!

The Love Festival shop is now closed. If any orders have not been filled please pm a mod within the next few days to let us know. For anyone with unused tickets, you will be receiving a trade from Mik with mod tickets converted at a one point for one ticket rate. This may take us a few days but once we are done we will post in this thread to let you all know.

Thank you again everyone for joining in on the fun. We hope to see you the next event!

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Irefe (#80)

Mar 14, 2020, 5:05am

Pie Day!

It's Pie Day!

Happy pie day from your admin team! We've sent around a pie scroll to all active users (if you don't have it let us know, it's my first time sending things, please be gentle) and there's a new quest for you all- oh, and a new explore item spawning as well!

What's everyone's favorite kind of pie? I personally love cherry and pumpkin.

Shop Closing Reminder
A reminder that the Valentine's Boutique will be closing after March 15th, so be sure to place any last minute orders before rollover on the 15th to use your points! Any unspent points will be converted to mod tickets at a 1:1 rate.

We hope you all have a great day!

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Mar 8, 2020, 7:21am

Love Festival Wrap-Up!

Love Festival Wrap-Up!

Congratulations to the 2020 Love Festival
Grand Ball and Friendship Ball winners!

The winners of the Grand Ball are....

~SpacemanSpiff~(#732) with Spiff

dawnfire(#2250) with Hesperia

3rd (with a three-way tie!)
Saturn(#1744) with Kronos
Lorelai(#2267) with Opaline
Lea(#1095) with Lea

The winners of the Friendship Ball are....

Red Squirrel(#1057) and SabSlash(#982) with Mecha and Sabrina

Kaede(#1366) and Meesh(#21) with Lucifer and Angel

3rd (a tie!)
Irefe(#80) and Kymmie(#24) with Lady Vanna and Inkari
Loque'nahak(#207) and ~SpacemanSpiff~(#732) with Loque'nahak and Spiff!

~The Prizes for placing in the Dances are as follows~

1st place: 800 boutique points + 1 Free Grand prize pick
2nd place: 500 boutique points + 1 Free High tier pick
3rd place: 300 points + 1 Free Mid tier pick

All other participants in the dances will receive 1 Valentine's Box and 1 Mod Box for each dance!

To claim your free event shop picks, please post in the Valentine's Boutique clearly stating what you want and that you are using your free pick as a Grand/Friendship Ball winner. These picks do not cost the user any points, and they are independent of the tier limits.

A big shout out to all of our Booth Runners and Tally Loves!

You all helped to make a great event and keep it running smoothly, and as a reward for all your hard work you will all be receiving the new Nephrochi Plushie clothing item in addition to your free prize shop picks!

Speaking of prize shop picks, just a reminder that all Booth Runners will be able to choose one free extra pick from the Grand Tier, while Tally Loves will be able to choose one free pick from both the Grand and Mid Tiers! These picks do not cost the user any points, and they are independent of the tier limits.

To claim your free picks, please post in the Valentine's Boutique clearly stating what you want and that you are using your free pick as a Tally Love/Booth Runner.

On the subject of the new Nephrochi plushies, we are aware that not many people were getting them! As you may have noticed, this year we tried to make maxing out points in games faster and easier - but this had the unintended effect that, because users were rolling less, they were also much less likely to get special dice rolls!

The plushies were originally intended to be handed out as prizes for creating a perfect plushie in the Love Bug Plushie Knitting booth(rolling 10+10+10), however, due to the changes(and the dice being mean!) no one was able to do that this year.

To rectify this fact, we decided to randomly award plushies to 10 participants of the love festival games! You may have seen the moderators rolling coins and D20s in game threads on the last day of the event -- instead of throwing Valentine's Boxes, they were throwing plushies!

Congratulations to everyone who received a plushie! Next year we will hopefully have worked out a better way to award special dice game prizes while still keeping the games easier to play. ;)

Congratulations to the Crafty Creative Station winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the BEST GAME OF THE FESTIVAL, the Crafty Creative Station !

Iris's selection for the winner, chosen after much deliberation and not at all at random, is Sinea (#1330)! Congratulations!

For winning the grand prize, Sinea will receive a Sator Token and two Valentines Boxes!
All other participants will receive 4 Sprout Tokens and a Valentines Box.

We really enjoyed every entry, you guys are amazing. XD

And with that, ALL final points should now be awarded and the main spreadsheet should be 100% up to date! All Love Festival Participant, Booth Runner, and Tally Love stickers should also now be awarded as appropriate; and ticks towards your Moderator Writing Event sticker have been awarded to anyone who wrote at least one entry in either the Poetic Pondery or Sappy Love Letters booth.
Please contact a moderator if you feel you are missing points or a sticker.

Any other remaining prizes should be sent out shortly.

The Valentine's Boutique will remain open until the 15th, and will close upon rollover to March 16.

Make sure to get all your points turned in! Any boutique points left unspent when the shop closes will be converted to mod tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

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CacophonyCrowe (#1078)

Mar 7, 2020, 6:16am

Love Festival End

Love Festival End

With petals scattered over the ground, and smiling sators walking home with bunches of flowers and plush sprouts the Love Festival has come to a happy close!

We hope everyone enjoyed the event! Any remaining booths to be tallied should be done within the next day or two, including the dance competitions.

Winners of the Grand/Friendship Balls will be announced in another newspost shortly, along with a few other details~

The Valentine's Boutique will be open through March 15th, so be sure to place your shop orders by then.

Thanks to all the booth runners, tally loves, and players!
Let us know any feedback for the event here, and remember to spend your points! Any unspent points left when the shop closes will be converted to mod tickets at a 1:1 ratio.

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Lea (#1095)

Mar 4, 2020, 7:20pm

Dance Competition Reminder

Dance Competition

Quick reminder that the dance competitions are coming up! During the last day of the event on March 6th anyone who had participated in Dance Practice at least once may enter one or both of the competitions.

There are two competitions, the Grand Ball and the Friendship Ball.

To enter the Grand Ball, you do not need a partner. Players with at least one dance skill from dance practice may enter solo to test their dance skills by rolling a D20 to possibly win points and a grand prize.

To enter the Friendship Ball you must partner with another user. If you need help finding one the Seeking Dance Parner thread is a good place to look! Players pair up to test their combined skills by each rolling a D20 to possibly win points and a grand prize.

Players may enter both, however, a player cannot win both the Grand Ball and Friendship Ball. If a player wins both the Grand Ball will be forfeit and the next runner up will be crowned.

Dance Practice will not be open on the final day! March 5th is the last day to get any practice in and earn dance skill points!

The competition threads will only be open the last 24 hours of the event, so make sure to enter on that day!

Winners will be announced after the event has ended. Points and prizes will be distributed then as well.

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