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Irefe (#80)

Feb 14, 12:06am


Yikes! It seems like someone is having a hard time in the kitchen with the cocoa demand for the event... Why don't you head on over to Cocoa Conundrum (← click for new minigame!) and help him out? You'll net yourself some points as well, or so I hear! ;)

Hint: For those of you running low on points, keep your schedule open for the last week of the event! A little birdie told me there will be some fun surprises to help you earn more points to reach your goals!

Reminder! The event will end March 1st at roughly 12 midnight WRT (when the day rolls over to the 1st)!

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Irefe (#80)

Feb 7, 12:47am

New Minigame for Valentine's Event!

Hello all! We have an exciting update to the Valentine's event for you! A new game has been introduced called Spread the Love... Boxes! (< click to go to the game) and it gives away love boxes as prizes, as well as points!

Happy eventing! We hope you enjoy the new game, and stay tuned for some other fun updates we have planned for later in the month (hint: for those of you worried about getting enough points for what you want, don't stress too much!)

Reminder! The event will end March 1st at roughly 12 midnight WRT (when the day rolls over to the 1st)!

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Midori (#1119)

Feb 1, 12:13am

Valentine's Event!

As the town grows larger and larger, times of celebration become increasingly busier. The town square bustles with casts and alkins alike preparing for the various festivities and this year the Peacekeepers have decided to help make Valentine's Day a celebration to remember.

For the residents of Kio, Valentine's Day is a celebration of all forms of love, whether they're platonic or romantic, and preparing with excitement for the Spring Solstice. The Winter Solstice has passed and the days are growing longer, and the promise of spring and the return of warmer days lies dauntingly close. In defiance of the still chilly days, sators like to surround themselves in the comforts of friends and family, enjoying the warmth of the gatherings and the joy of being with those they love most. The colors of red and white represent the heat melting away the snow, and healer's flowers and ghost petal flowers are commonly used in the decorations. Hearts and ribbons are crafted from plush, warm materials, and warm but vibrant garb is a popular fashion choice. This year, little plush centifi have been carefully crafted and hung around, declared adorable little "love bugs". But whatever could have given them that idea?

This year, the town square will be transformed into a grand dance area, with a grand tent being temporarily erected and smooth wooden flooring to give solid footing for the dancers. The Valentine's Dance will welcome anyone from town to join in the dances. There will be two dances - The Grand Ball and the Friendship Ball. Each will crown only one winner, or the winning team, and receive a crown and enjoy a day basking in their glory on the Crimson Throne and the Ivory Settee. A rumor of an extra gift to these lucky sators has been flittering around.

But with such grandeur comes a great deal of work! The inhabitants of Kio will find a plethora of work, and naturally all help is welcomed. Below is a list of the various events one can participate in and enjoy the festivities.

This event will run from February 1st to February 28th WRT

SRP Mini Event
Valentine's Art
RolePlay Interaction
Sappy Love Letters
Dance Practice
Bouquet Bliss
Finding Flowers
Flowers of Friendship
Jar of Hearts!
Love Bug Plushie Knitting
The Kindness Raffle
Valentine’s Dance

Additionally, this event will come with a special Boutique! The Peacekeepers and Virva have been working overtime to setup a temporary shop special for this event, and Mik has been visiting it with suspicious frequency. Because many of the prizes are going to be offered for a limited time only, special for this celebration, it will have it's own little shop. What could he have possibly found that this year everyone is going so all out to make such a special event?

All event threads will offer Boutique Points as rewards! Some have caps, so read the first post carefully to check.

The Valentine's Boutique will be open from February 2nd to March 11th!
Any unspent event points will be converted into Tickets and sent out with the last of the prizes.
Check out the wonderful prizes awaiting you in this limited time shop -here-

**Note! The event rare is not yet completed, but will be done before the end of the event.

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Elyneara (-o-) (#1)

Jan 6, 12:58pm

Winter Solstice 2018

The winter solstice has come to a close, I hope everyone had a great time!

The winner this year was... Moon Team! Total Wins:30

That means the moon team got a special prize added to their raffle. Please make sure to Check Your Prize Page to get your raffle prizes, highscore prizes, and see if you were the one to win the special prize. If you did, please PM me.

As usual if there are any errors you can see with the event's end, please post here.

Click Here to offer suggestions.

Thank you everyone ♥

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Elyneara (-o-) (#1)

Jan 3, 1:24pm

Event Updates

Just wanted to toss some info out there, SchattenspielRex pointed out to me that the high-end points were mis-calculated and so from 5000 points onward the required point totals have been lowered to be much more reasonable.

There is an issue with tealights resetting Logged Here so I will be granting everyone any lost points after the issue is fixed. If you have a chance to tell me if the error is happening for you today please post there so I can try to fix the problem.

There is an extreme weather alert where I live and we already had a power loss issue for about a full day earlier in the season so there is a chance my power will be out for the end of the event, which means I won't be able to turn the event off and do prizes or fix issues, etc. If that happens please be patient and feel free to keep going with the event :)

Otherwise, the event will end on Friday the 5th or early on the 6th depending on what my schedule demands.

I hope everyone is having a great time!

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