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Kira (#374)

Nov 18, 2019, 11:05pm

The long awaited bells

As the sun rises the sound of ringing bells can be heard throughout town. It doesn't take long for the source of the sound to make it to the middle of town. The group looks tired and slightly tattered from from the last leg of the journey. But they are all in high spirits as they cheer and make merry about finally getting to town. It doesn't take long for the group to split up into two. The grins are still visible but half the group says goodbye as they decided to continue the journey to the next settlement.

A sator with a feathered knife at his side raises a strap with bells attached. Ringing them to be heard over the now smaller crowd. When they settle down the bell ringer turns not to them but to the growing crowd of sators who live in the town. “Greetings Kio! Our long journey brings us back to you a little late this year. Because of this half our group decided to head to the next settlement so that they too may enjoy a carnival this year. But do not worry for even with half the group we still have plenty of fun planned for all of you. Come join us as we celebrate the last of fall!”

With that the group cheers once more and starts getting busy setting up booths for the fun to come. The sator with bells stands off to the side greeting people and handing out tickets to those who wish to join the games.

This fall carnival will run the same as the previous years just with staff running it instead of Meesh. Post in the start here thread to get your first batch of tickets. Rping is not need but will give you a few extra tickets.

Each game has its own set of rules so please read through them carefully. You will need a full set of dice for this event. So if you need any please post here so that we can get you some slate dice.

For every thread you roleplay in you will get an extra 3 tickets a day.

The fall carnival will run until November 26th. The shop will stay open until December 3rd.

Start Here
Mulled Cider
The Mysterious Doors
Ringing The Bells
Pie Eating Contest

Prize Shop

Tickets Spreadsheet

If you have any questions or concerns please post here and we will respond soon as possible.

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Asdracagan (#305)

Nov 10, 2019, 9:07pm

General Site Update

WindRose Progress and Planning -

I hope everyone had a fun Harvest Festival, and don’t forget to participate in the upcoming Fall Carnival!

Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update as to what’s happening on site. I’ve been scrounging high and low for a coder, and recently Moeasaur (#3179) has come on board. He did the amazing artwork for the >Harvest Festival Rare< and is also polishing up his coding skills, and eager to help out.

After the end of year holidays, there is a plan in place to get activity and bug fixes back in action. Up until this point the site will be a bit slower than in the past, but not without activity. Winter Solstice will launch on December 27th at 7am WRT. This event will feature two new rares and of course the two team related alchemy items.
In response to the awesome feedback I got from Summer Solstice, there will be a free custom, done by Moeasaur, as well as a 3-marking breed change (also done by Mo).

I do plan to implement some of the changes requested to the Solstices, particularly the requests in regards to candle finding, as they were all valid and very good ideas. However, with limited coding volunteers, I cannot assure these will be implemented this solstice, but they will for certain be so for the next Summer Solstice.

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Asdracagan (#305)

Nov 9, 2019, 8:11pm

Harvest Festival 2019 End

Festival End

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope everyone had a wonderful time. The sticker will be a bit delayed (I will be giving an update on upcoming site plans soon), but I'll make sure everyone who participated receives it.

We do know something's going on with Ghosty's cards, but if you noticed any other glitches in the event, or if you have ideas for future Harvest Festivals, please post below~!

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Kira (#374)

Nov 6, 2019, 11:54pm

Keeping up with the Fall Carnival.

Hello Everyone,

This is just an update to let you know how the Fall Carnival is coming along. So far we have two booths signed up for. We have plenty more room so if anyone wants to sign up don't forget the deadline is November 15th. This is also the deadline for being a tally helper. Due to little interest in this we decided to up the pay rate. Tally helpers will now get eight tickets, per tally. Everything else is coming along smoothly.

The event is still scheduled to start running on the 19th and the planned end date is the 26th. I hope to see you all when it starts! As always if you have concerns or suggestions feel free to post them here and we will respond as soon as we can.

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Asdracagan (#305)

Nov 2, 2019, 6:17am

Harvest Festival 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Harvest Festival~!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this year's Harvest Festival. You'll spot a couple new rares, one of which can only be obtained by >a couple of quests<. Don't worry if you don't have a full garden - there is a one time quest where Kate will help you out and grant you the rare for just one of each! The full quest requires 100 of each of the seasonal berries (because there seems to be some seriously large stashes in peoples' coffers o.o y'all impressive!). Hopefully this will provide players with an outlet for their bountiful berry hordes. ;-) Please note - the rare quest only runs for 7 days, starting today, so get that quest quick! The one time will also be deactivated with event end.

The Infamous Sprout Potluck

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up - there is currently a minor hiccup in coding that makes it a bit trickier to do things with. That being said - I cannot guarantee that if you put a sprout into potluck by mistake I can have it retrieved for you. Please be extra mindful this year of any and all sprouts you put into the Potluck. Once you put a sprout into the Potluck, it may we be "gone" until acquired by another user.

I have thought long and hard about how to address the lab/alchemy breeds issue. In years past, the Potluck became bloated with mass-produced labs that were dumped into the Potluck. Some players began mass-culling any lab they retrieved to try and slim the numbers, which in turn meant they culled labs that players had put sincere effort into designing. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and once a sprout enters potluck, it may end up being gardened. Unfortunately there has yet to be a solution that keeps it an even playing field for newer players while addressing this issue. So please just be mindful of what you throw in and remember this is in the spirit of community.

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