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Blossom Festival 2021 Start!

Welcome to the 2021 Blossom Festival!

As the air begins to turn warm and the winter snow begins to melt, insects and Sators alike are abuzz with the excitement of spring. With spring, comes the annual Blossom Festival, where the petals preserved from the autumn flowers are offered to sprouts to play with, helping to spread them as fertilizer for new growth.

During this time, the village is adorned with flower themed decorations and bright colors to welcome the new blossoms. The Sator’s also pray for a bountiful harvest in the year to come and plentiful growth for the whole of Cairn. It is a time to celebrate nature’s wealth.

The event will run from rollover to 4/20 until the rollover to 4/27.

Please see the About Blossom Festival page for full information on the event and how to play! This page and the rest of the event can be accessed by clicking the event icon in the top left of the site.

Notable changes: Blooming your garden now gives 100 points per day. Don’t forget to bloom! Additionally, points for placing petals have been increased.

We intended to make more changes to blossom this year, however a particularly large and very needed project took priority. Said project will be released for blossom, provided you all make the petal goal, so good luck and happy petaling!

Red Clay, White Clay, Red Butterscorpion, Blue Butterscorpion, Fiddlehead, Icicle, Daffodil Bloom Rare - SchattenspielRex (# 1746)
Citrus Seeds Rare - SchattenspielRex (# 1746) (with lots of input from the users of the unofficial official WR discord)
Blue Bolt Shrimp, Prismatic Rose, Glass Rose, Purple Phlox, Blossom Hair - comic sans (# 1801)
Saturn Caterpillar, Blossom Sleeves - Wyvern (# 2076)