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Thane Alchemy Art Complete and Campfire Tales!

The site artists have powered through and finally completed art for all alchemy items for thanes, so be sure to dust off your items and make some thanes! There are also new items available for Haitchi alchemy~ ;-)

Additionally, an "ongoing" mod event has launched! It'll be a way for players to obtain Mod Currency and is still very much in a trial/beta stage, as an ongoing "permanent" event has yet to be done, but we wanted to try it out. :D Feedback is welcome (though please don't post feedback in the story threads, simply PM me or post here) about the Tales rules and such. Prizes are subject to change depending on interest/effort/etc.
There are three versions of these Campfire Tales - One has very short story blips that build off previous posts, the second has slightly longer story blips that build off previous posts, and the last is a single-authored short story.

>Communal Campfire Tales - Short<
>Communal Campfire Tales - Long<
>Solo Campfire Tales<