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Happy May! Iím back :3

Hey everyone! Iím back from my Hiatus and ready to get started on WindRose again.
That break was really refreshing. It felt like one of the longest months I have experienced in years, I guess I didnít really realize how much working non-stop passes the time o_o. I had all these grand ideas to get started on various non-WR projects and ended up just playing video games the whole time, something I havenít been able to do in a really long time. It was awesome. I played, like, so much Stardew Valley.

Iím all refreshed and ready to get started again on WindRose projects. I am going to make a conscious effort to take a lot more time for myself while I work on WR. I donít want my whole identity to get wrapped up in this, thatís part of the reason I needed a break. So there will be some changes to how I handle content releases, art updates, etc. The actual scope of this is unknown. I wasnít making plans during my break, that would kinda defeat the purpose, but I want to let you know that itís on my mind. WindRose is a proving ground for my ideas, and it needs to stay that way for my sanity.

One of the biggest things that I want to let everyone know is that the Blossom Festival will still be a long ways off. I bit off way more than I could chew for the new feature that is classically unlocked with the Blossom Festival, and I am too stubborn to let it go. I expect to wrap it into the solstice, so the events will double up, but donít take that as a promise.

Last thing, I want to thank everyone for their positivity during my break and I would like to reiterate that there was not a single individual or event that caused it. It was a buildup of poor personal management on my part for years.

So, right now, here is what I am thinking about;
◊ I want to use some of the funding that WindRose has built up to pay some artists for content. I am most interested in clothing art and landscape art, post about it in the site suggestions forum! If you have experience working on commission let me know what your prices are.
◊ I want to move away from site administration and only create content, Iím deciding on the best way to do that.
◊ I want to move WindRose to a different hosting company, but I havenít found a great one yet. If you know of one let me know. We currently use HostGator and their customer service is terrible!
◊ I am coding a huge image-editing project for the ďBlossom FestivalĒ release and am barely a quarter of the way done, even though I started in January. So Iím grinding away on that
◊ I am going to do a big batch of bug fixes.
◊ I want to make some Steven Universe themed items to go along with Amethyst and Rose Quartz items and to celebrate the ending of the hiatus.
◊ I really want to start working on exploration content again, it keeps getting postponed and that sucks! Look; I redrew the Ocean Cliff:

Non WR stuff;
◊ I need to carve out some time so I can get my art-gallery website up! Itís been on the backburner for like a year now
◊ I am halfway done with my rock collection display case, will post photos later on
◊ I made some stardew valley mods :P clicky

If anyone wants to ask me anything or just chat with me in general, this is the thread to do it in!