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Spaghetti Fest

Things seem to have quieted a bit since the carnival ended, but you’re not quite sure that’s the end of it. There’s been a lot of commotion lately with the new Nephrochis that have been showing up. Meesh has been sprinting back and forth from Midori’s home, Ignis in tow, and you thought you caught her talking to Irefe and Rumple the other day too. Today she’s been running around eagerly, and you catch glimpse of a familiar Nephrochi-carrying basket underneath one arm.

Alright, well a lot of feedback we got from the Fall Carnival (thank you for all of it by the way!) had to do with wanting a skills based event, so here’s a smaller one to focus on a group of people we’ve been ignoring a lot lately…the artists! This next noodle here is going to be the prize of an art contest. But it’s not just any noodle! This little guy is the product of a gold breeding between Rumple and Ignis. That’s right, that means he has all the markings and mutations of BOTH our newest customs!

Just look at that sexy noodle

But how will you obtain this noodle, you may ask? Well that’s quite simple! You have until Saturday, September 12th at 11:59 pm WRT to submit an image of what your dream noodle would look like. Just make a nephrochi, and make it the prettiest one imaginable! You can draw it on traditional paper, make it digitally, or if you prefer you can craft a 3d nephrochi out of real materials and take a picture of that! The options are limitless, just show us your dream noodle.

Once you’ve made your noodle, you’ll submit it in two steps. First, anonymously upload you image to this link here. Be sure to check the ‘noodle submission’ box or else you won’t get graded! Then, pm Mik (#5) with a link to your submission so we know who’s who once we select the winner.

A couple notes for the contest though:
1. Per request, if you win the noodle please do not breed him for a month after recieving it or until Irefe or I say otherwise. We've got something else in the works, but that's all I'll say for now!
2. The art can be in any medium you want but it MUST be your work
3. The point of uploading the submissions to the tumblr post is to make all the entries anonymous. We won't be checking Mik's account to see who submitted what until after we decide on a winner.

Winners will be announced the weekend after the due date. Good luck!