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Dark Dealings

Atop what appears to be a stage you have never seen before, not terribly far from the rune tree, the tall figure of a sator stands, spinning a dagger in his fingers, slowly, rhythmically. You swear you have seen this sator before... But at the same time, the unique antennae atop his head and his leaf like wings are something quite new to the land of Kio.

The sator seems to be attracting attention, simply by standing there, though he is just observing the crowd gathering, a smirk on his face that gives off a sense of unease... and then he speaks.

“Ahh... Good evening.”

His voice is chilling. Cool and calm, with an air that leaves you wanting to know what he will say next, something that is particularly drawn out by the long pause he takes, his golden eyes seeming to look into the very essence of each of the gathered sators.

“It seems as though you are all interested in why I am here... Also, perhaps... What is under the sheet?”

His tone is far more lighthearted and amused now, but in a mocking and arrogant manner. As he steps aside, you get a full view of something you did not notice before- behind him on the stage are several long sheets, covering up what appears to be somewhat large, square objects. With a flick of the dagger in his hand, the sheets fly off of the crates, causing several of them to rock, annoyed hissing sounding from the disturbed containers, and you realize that there are living creatures inside of the crates! Interested and confused murmuring erupts in the crowd and you and the other sators shuffle forward to get a better look.

“I seem to have... Come into a few... Extra friends. I thought perhaps giving them away could be fun...”

His voice, once again amused and accompanied by a sly grin, speaks volumes about what is left unsaid about the way he obtained these sprouts, and as you peer into one of the closer crates, you notice a familiar set of golden eyes looking back at you...

“Perhaps you are interested in taking one of these young ones home with you? If so, you are in luck... Provided you meet my requirements, of course. Approach the stage if you dare.”

Another sly grin graces his features as he gestures to several long tables you swear were not there before. On the tables are several boxes, along with pieces of paper and writing materials.

“Don't worry, I have no interest in your petty coins, what I desire from you is much more... Valuable...”

He leaves a long pause in his speech, again surveying the crowd that seems hesitant to approach the stage, or the sator himself.

“What I desire is... Your time.”

He smirks his cold smirk and makes a gesture for the crowd to approach, keeping a close eye on each individual.

“But I warn you, do not try to cheat me, or you may find yourself... Missing a few sprouts in the near future...”

His forked tongue flicks across his lips as he speaks, and you realize that his threat is not only very real, but very likely if anyone is to cross him. As if the razor sharp dagger in his hand wasn't threat enough already.

“Oh, and one more thing... Keep your fingers out of the crates, they do bite.”

His amused and playful tone is back, as though daring anyone to make an attempt. Something tells you he would care little if anyone lost a few fingers to whatever is in those crates...


Please proceed over to the Special Events Forum to participate in this event!

The event ends on 10/16 sometime in the evening between 9 and 11 PM WR time.


Extra Note: This is the first and one of the only times Rumpelstiltskin's direct children will be released to the public or he will be bred outside of my den. The ONLY exception to this may be when his mate is created, but that could be many months from now.