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Minor Enhancements

We had some minor downtime this week, so I gifted everyone a Satchel item :)

I went through the Site Suggestions forum and compiled a list of fixes to work on. Round 1 of those updates are in place;

♦ Date formatting has been unified across the site
♦ Users will get alerts when a ritual partner finishes a breeding and the user got sprouts from it
♦ Sprout profiles 'Groups' list now links to the group in question
♦ You can search by personality color in Zoology
♦ When you complete a successful alchemy ritual, the sprout images link right to their profile
♦ You can decline to collect Kion on posts with a decline button (allows for easier editing of long posts)
♦ Improved various thread link-backs when posting/canceling a post
♦ Sticker effects display in order of what sticker is first
♦ PMs have pagination at the bottom and top of pages
♦ Composting will let you know if you dont have enough items in the compost before the 2 hours is up
♦ the wishing tree now shows only inks you have on hand, and how many
♦ (older fix I failed to mention) Improved the image tags to allow for fitting an image to the post width, and use of thumbnails. Check Here for all supported forum ediitng tags
♦ Alerts pop up when Cash Shop orders are filled

I have more on my list, so if you haven't seen your (minor enhancement)request yet, sit tight.

Let me know what you think!