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Solstice GIFTboxes

So these little suckers... Are very broken. To a coding level that the mod staff cannot fix on their own.

They weren't originally intended to be released for the event but were an accidental oversight (because the prize boxes are similar in name, so it got overlooked, whoops!)

Anyone who has one, please post here and start a trade with Mik (#5) with the box(es) and you will be given Solstice PRIZE boxes instead, as was intended to be given out!

If you already opened yours and got a weird old clothing item you don't want, please do the same as above. This is only offered for old clothing items/items that are not usable in the current game. I know the boxes give out some dice and other items because of some testing, you're free to keep those.

Sorry for the mix up guys! :D;