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Blossom Fest and CYoA Ending Soon!

The Blossom Festival and the CYoA: Into the Unknown will be coming to an end in just a few short days! Rollover to the 24th is when everything will be roughly ending (technically the CYoA will have it's closing posts done around 3 am WR time, same as the scene rollover has been happening until this point and the Blossom Fest will end as soon as Eli has time to end it around the 24th/25th).

Important things to note:

-The CYoA shop will remain open until the 29th. Any unspent points after rollover to the 29th will be turned into mod tickets. Extra picks for posting every day will be awarded before the shop closes and will be announced in a new news post.
--The exception to this is the R/A raffle, which will be run after the shop closes and any tickets that do not win will be returned, along with the points, and the players will have a couple days to have a chance a spending these points on something else.

-Groups will be permitted to continue to reply/respond to the rp threads for the time being after the final ending is posted, allowing the sators a chance to wrap up anything that was going on and react to the finale, but no more points will be awarded (also for those going for the prize for posting every day, once the final ending is posted you no longer need to continue to post daily).


We hope you all enjoyed the event thus far and will continue to enjoy the last few days as we wrap everything up! Stay tuned for the ending, and if you want to grab a few more points before the end, now's your chance!