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The Final Thread

The Final Thread

The curtains have been closed and the lights have been dimmed. Now that the last part of the fashion festival is over, people have started to go home. But what's this? Kira walked on stage, waving for some attention.

Hello everyone! I have some last minute announcements before you all go home! First off, thank you everyone who joined in on the catwalk! We’ve prepared a special prize for all of you - by now you should have all received a Clothing box for joining us up here and showing off your stuff!"

The peacekeeper stopped to pull out a piece of paper.

Next off, the raffle!! Here is the list of all of you who joined in on the raffle. Sadly only fifteen of you were able to win. Those winners are!"

1.) Dirkle (#2360) - Clothes Box
2.) Kymmie (#24) - Sator Potion
3.) Bro (#3377) - Messy Spikes
4.) bratchic (#2467) - Rainbow Locks
5.) Lorelai (#2267) - Cutie Pigtails
6.) stolas (#1300) - Hair of the Old Way
7.) dawnfire (#2250) - Windswept Locks
8.) WickedBunnie (#3168) - Styled Curls
9.) Sinea (#1330) - Extravagant Locks
10.) Red Squirrel (#1057) - Flowing Locks
11.) HailStorm (#68) - Ruffled Flop
12.) Luna B (#2003) - Scientist's Hair
13.) alisonlatres (#3061) - Messy Ponytail
14.) lonelyVocalist (#2358) - Wild Hair
15.) Kaede (#1366) - Big Bangs

Your prizes should be on their way to you now! We also have a reminder that a few of our newer items and clothing have been rumoured to be found outside of the event. Some of the clothing items will be making their way into their perspective shops, and I heard someone say we might be picking scraps of fabric for a howl thanks to a group of troublesome sprouts. These changes might take a little while to show up though. First we need to clean up from the event.

Last but not least! Thank you everyone who joined us in having fun during this event. It was great seeing everyone playing games. I hope that you all had fun! If you have any feedback or suggestions we will be happy to listen to those here! I hope to see you during our next event!

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