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Dusting off the RP forums~

Dusting off the RP Forums~

It seems that our RP forums are getting some love as of late (yay~!), and I just wanted to make a few notes about some confusing aspects of the various rp system. :D

A very important note - The former RP mod is now an Admin, and has other duties XD Additionally, the other two moderators who joined in creating the SRP system are also quite busy, so please be patient. SRP processing may take longer than normal.

Let the Love loose~! - Everyone loves a good love story, but how far can you take things in the RP forums? Well, innuendos, references to, and anything “non graphic” (no explicit or highly detailed depictions of love making, please) are freely permitted! To even encourage a bit of romance and fun, here’s a cool lore fact - The “sprout-like” appendages are extra sensitive for alkin. ~.^ For cast sators (non-sprout), their ears and tail are highly sensitive (did you know cast have bunny tails? ;-) ).

Off the Trail - Have you always wanted to rp in the WindRose environment, but been too intimidated by the restrictive nature of pure canon rp? Then this is the place to do it~! You can most assuredly still use the SRP system and tweak it to your desires, or you can free lance and just have some fun! Pretty much anything relatively close goes. (Okay, there aren’t any planes on WindRose, so this would even be too much for Off the Trail lol.) Also, we don’t have vampires and werewolves, so that would be more “Other Adventures” if you wanted to go that route. But we do have ghosts! :D

Other Adventures - Knock yourself out. ;-) Anything and everything goes here, from WindRose au’s to Harry Potter and even Wally rps. Players are of course still welcome to use the SRP template if they choose, but it’s not by any means required.

Canon/SRP - This has always been confusing and intimidating for so many players. The strict and unique canon leaves many struggling to create a sufficiently unique individual that fits into the player’s concept for their creations. Since it is canon, it is unfortunately restricted to what would work in the actual gameworld’s lore and setting. I encourage players to utilize the >SRP Canon Yes/No Questions< thread, and the new >World Lore Questions< thread that will mirror the one Eli used to have.
Additionally, just because something isn’t discovered yet doesn’t mean it can’t be. A large part of the goal and intent of the SRP system was to allow players to grow the world themselves, giving a more player centered storyline. So if you want something to be a thing in game, all you have to do is create it! This would involve an rp thread working directly with a GM, and would undoubtedly have many failures, just like when Edison created the lightbulb. Please note, things beyond gameworld capability (cars, electronic tech, machines) are going to be a great deal harder, if not impossible (cars). For game world setting, think more medieval. Like the “coolest tech” that is currently craftable is windmills. So think more “Ella Enchanted” setting.
A note on this - remaining tech does linger from the previous culture that was booming in the cities. However, this was “lightbulbs are advanced” level tech, and was all destroyed with the kingdoms. I believe “Howl’s Moving Castle” would be a good concept for how tech used to be. Although most tech now functions off magic (such as light bulbs), since sources of electricity have been lost.

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