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Fall Carnival is over!

Posting this for Meesh, who organized and ran this Carnival absolutely fabulously~:

Almost as soon as they arrived, the sators were packing up and getting ready to go. With a final toot of their horns and a wave of their hands, the sators packed up their bags and off they went, onwards to the next village.

Thatís all, folks! The Fall Carnival has come to a close! Thank you once again for being such great participants, and putting up with some of my craziness this year! As of now, you may no longer post in the Fall Carnival threads, with the exception of booth runners who should be finishing up their posts by tomorrowish. The shop will remain open for another few days, so be sure to run in and nab those prizes!

Also, if you guys would be so kind, I have a survey Iíd like you all to fill out to help improve on future Fall Carnivals! Last year there was a lot of request for skill based booths, so we had our maze and art booths this year! If you fill out the survey and include your Id (donít worry, the id will be separated from the survey so results will be completely anonymous!) then youíll receive a fall carnival participant sticker!

(Booth Runners will receive a special sticker too! Sorry for the delay in those! Both stickers will be ready to go in a few days, I only just finished the art this morning. Oops!)

Iíd like to send out a special thanks to all the booth runners this year! And another thank you to the mods and Ely for letting me continue to run my special event, and a final even bigger thank you to Midori for working the prize shop and even donating some of her own sprouts to the cause! Also oooone last thanks to the mods for putting up with me yelling at them in the random hours of the night to put up my newsposts.

Thatís all folks, and until next year!
-Meesh (#21)