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SELL, Keeper: SchattenspielRex

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Easter Fools Event over!

Thank you for participating, we hope you had fun!

Just some final notes:

-All riddles except one (that will be posted later) have been put out. I did a count and there should a total of 63 overall alerts (including start and finish for all quests, this is including the one not posted yet) for you to find! You have 24 hours to find anything you haven't yet gotten before the riddles will be removed from the site.

-I'll be lax with messages to Mik in the next 24 hours. Please try to include all riddle answers in one message, but if you miss one, you can send another message! After the date rolls over to the 5th, submissions for riddles and trades for extra prizes will no longer be accepted.

-If you're having trouble finding riddles, check the locations noted in the original news post- maybe you forgot to check an area! And don't forget to click on alerts that don't drop anything to activate the ones after that.

-In other news, the Pastel Boxes are openable like normal now (they still explode though, be careful!) and we'll be handing out some more over the next day or so to people who are online at random intervals!

The riddles and alert quests seem to of been fairly popular, so the mod team has been discussing dropping riddled randomly on occasion around the site in the same manner to release mod tokens between events for people. I'll likely put up a thread with the details on this once we hash out the details ourselves!