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Lumina, Keeper: dawnfire

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New Quests & Items

New Stuff! Sweet!

Hey guys! Just bringing you some quick news since a few things have been updated in the last couple days that are important.

-New Quests. Three new quests have been added! It seems our research team needs your help with a couple of things, why not give them a hand? Oh, and Teia has decided to offer sea glass in exchange for the new warped bottle item, if you feel yourself in need of one kind of glass over the other. Also, a quest to exchange Pinecones for Enchanted Ink similar to the Windseed and Charred Seeds quest was added a little while ago, if you haven't seen that one yet. As well as quests for our new dice sets that were added over the last month or so.
NOTE: The Upcoming Surprises quest will not be around forever, as when the 'surprise' releases (sometime in the next couple weeks to a month) it will go away, though I have plans to release a couple quests similar once it goes.

-New Items. It seems something new has been washing up around the beach, have you found one yet? Also, one of the Research Team seems to be offering something new in exchange for your help with his quest, why not give him a hand and see what it does?

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