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Velina, Keeper: Harvester of Light

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New Things + Blossom Update!

Hey guys! Got some cute new clothes for you all up in the clothing shop, go have some fun playing dress up!

About Blossom:
The entire staff is trying our darnedest to get everything for Blossom done on time for this weekend, but we might end up with a slight delay in start time because we have some big updates we're planning and some of our staff was sick, so things aren't quite ready yet.

We'll be sure to update everyone once we know for sure if we'll be done for the weekend, or if we need a bit longer, stay tuned! Hope you're all hyped though, you're going to like it! ;)

Oh and, before I go...

Seems like some people have been finding some new things around the Marshlands area, maybe go hang around there and see if you can find anything?

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