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2018 Summer Solstice!

In the past the Goddess of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon warred for supremacy of the sky, and it was the people of Kio who showed them the push and pull, the ebb and flow of balance, returning the skies to peace. Now every year during the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice, when the Goddesses are closest to returning to imbalance, Sators re-create their candle lighting ceremony.

By hiding candles for one another and lighting them or putting them out, sators spend one week in a massive game.

This event will run until Sunday July 1st

The Solstice splits the citizens of Kio into two groups, the Sun Team and the Moon Team. You can visit the events page to participate in a team chatroom so you can organize clues and help one another. At your team base is a list of everyone on your team. Also, there is a news section where you can see what prizes were awarded in the last round. If you like, you can also start any chatroom posting with "!NEWS" to post something to your community newsboard. This will cost you 5 possible candle clicks, so use it wisely!

The goal of this event is to solve small riddles in order to find candles that are hidden all over WindRose. Find as many candles as you can to help your team win rounds in the event! Every hour you get 10 more candles to find. These stack, even when offline, until you have 50 or more available. Once you have amassed 50 candles available you'll stop accumulating until you use some of them.

You can also hide candles for your team. At the bottom of every page there is a 'Hide Candle Here' button. Pressing this will allow you to submit a clue for a hidden candle. All hidden candles are sent to me for review, and will be approved or dismissed depending on the validity and quality of the clue. You can only submit one candle until I review it, Once it is reviewed you will be able to submit more, so make sure your clues are really great!

Guidelines for a good clue

Users on both teams will need to solve this clue to find your candle
The solution page should be available at all times on site
If your clue is for an item that there are already a TON of clues for, you are likely to get rejected even when all other guidelines are followed
Try to make riddles rather than puns or call-and-response style clues
Check the Page notation and make sure you are making a clue for that page
Do not get too specific with the pages, for example;
A candle can be hidden on a user's profile, but can not be hidden on only their garden page of their profile
Your 'Solution' entry should explain the clue, especially if your clue is a reference to something outside of WindRose
Eli can see the page the candle will be hidden on, there is no need to put the URL in the solution box
Check your spelling and grammar before submitting your clue

There is also a specific summer minigame, prizes, highscores, and a raffle!

Finally one lucky winner from the winning team of the event will have a special prize, One custom! This custom can be any breed except bettafly and will cover Markings, expression, personality setting and choice of available ID. This time, the custom will be drawn by Comic Snas!

If you find any errors or have any questions (or are just excited!) feel free to post here. Have a great time!