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Rainbow gold, Keeper: bratchic

WindRose currently has:
3 Users Online
(The most ever was: 45)
3225 Total Accounts

59175 Total Sprouts
21 Breeds

153 Stickers to Collect

19 Areas to Explore
12 Types of Weather
9 Users on a Quest

223 Items to Experiment With
292 Wardrobe Items to Wear
259 Items with Special Abilities
105 Dice to Play With

45 Forums
1171 Threads

Shop Closing

Final Notice

This is the last day to use those left over tickets from the fall festival. Any unused carnival prize tickets will be converted into raffle tickets. The raffle will be ran on the third, most likely in the late evening.

The link to the point sheet is here. It is also posted in the shop as well.
I hope you all had fun playing the games.

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