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WindRose is a free browser game designed to inspire users to explore, experiment, and discuss. Users can explore the world, create pets, chat with other players, and trade items. New breeds of pets, new items and new features are always in progress. The dynamic world of Kio changes based on the weather, season and even time of day. In this world you can find items to make Sprouts (pets) with, each with a different marking, mutation and expression.

Our community is welcoming and helpful. Users are encouraged to participate in roleplay, take an active role in to betterment of the site, or just hang out. User suggestions are frequently taken and expanded upon to improve the game.

(Random Sprout)

WindRose currently has:
2 Users online
(The most ever was: 36)
1643 Total accounts

20988 Total Sprouts
18 Breeds

98 Stickers to collect

15 Areas to Explore
11 Types of Weather
47 Users on a Quest

151 Items to experiment with
254 Wardrobe items to wear
147 Items with special abilities
77 Dice to Play With

29 Forums
921 Threads