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Pyrradiim, Keeper: Asdracagan

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Upcoming Blossom + CYOA Event!

Upcoming Blossom + CYOA Event!

It's true, your eyes do not deceive you! The Blossom event will still come, albeit slightly out of order and a bit later than anticipated. This year we've decided to simplify Blossom, and, instead of releasing a new shiny thing, accompany it with the return of the CYOA (Create Your Own Adventure)!

This CYOA will operate a touch differently than its predecessor however. The mods looked through the suggestions from last time and have made it bigger and hopefully better! :D

Without giving too much away, this adventure will not be suited to younger users nor the faint of heart. There's some pretty heavy storyline headed this way and while it's not gory (and of course not illicit), some of the challenges may be a bit scary for some. There's been a lot of activity at the castle ruins, and Asdra's been seen there with a new, very colorful nephrochi alkin. Who is this newcomer, and what are they doing at the castle ruins?

Additionally! Anyone who isn't up for signing up for a long rp like this, there will be a little mini rp thread that you can participate in, however, you cannot do both the mini RP thread and the CYOA rp. The mini rp thread will make considerably less points and is meant for people who do not have time or the means for the longer, more intensive CYOA rp, but still want to make some points.

A new Rare Sprout will be introduced this event, and the primary way to get it will be through points and rp. There are also three new clothing items on the way that will be available through earning points in the rp and through the Blossom event points (please keep in mind that the points earned through the Blossom event and the CYOA rp are separate and will have separate prizes, everyone can participate in both).

And of course, the best part of every event, Prizes!.
Since it was popular and allowed us to give away lots of goodies, we're going to emulate the Valentine Boutique. But this time we're being lazy and just calling it the "Prize Shop" XD Check out what you can get >here<!


This event will start August 3rd!
((And will run 3 weeks, so until August 24th :D ))

If you have any questions, please post them here :D <3 Thank you!